Wherein Anthony attempts to control his compulsive nature and allows his MacBook, iWeb and iPhoto to do the heavy lifting on this site, possibly rendering it more frequently updated.

Time alone will tell.

He has not yet designed a front page, and only included this to get rid of the default page provided by the IPP. He’s also having way too much fun playing with the style sheets. Click on one of the links above - that’s where the real action is. Or will be, once he gets some more stuff uploaded. He’s also experimenting with the Facebook update features and who knows what else. What - too much information? Hmmm... new FTP feature in iWeb doesn’t, strictly speaking, work. So much for Facebook update. Why am I telling you this? Because I’m testing the publish changes feature via an external FTP. Also trying to sneak a previously created website past iWeb, who is very proprietary.